Working for many years in Pastry & Hot Kitchens I hope I have learned a thing or two about products and equipment. I offer a consultancy service to hotels, restaurants, cafe's and golf club kitchens. Sometimes we are too close to our own business to see how we can grow, Mark can help with this, with new menus, new products, new techniques in the kitchen.

Amedei Chocolate


The name Chuao brings to mind the legend of Mayan cocoa, the sacred drink from the primaeval earthly paradise where the “food of the gods” used to grow. Chuao was a true challenge for Amedei: difficult to purchase and process, this wild bean needed to be “tamed” as no-one had ever tasted it in its pure form. After an ageing period of 20 days, this chocolate – unlike any other – keeps developing its taste, improving its acidity and aroma.


Gluten Free & Vegan.

Origin: Venezuela

Notes of red fruits, cocoa and honey




Toscano Black 65%

This is an amazing chocolate with great after taste.


Gluten Free & Vegan

Origin: Peru, madahascar & Ghana

Notes of honey, superior woods

Toscano White 29%

Amedei White chocolate has a captivating milky aroma with honey and vanilla sensations, making this kilo bar ideal for pastry chefs and anyone who loves to bake. Amedei White Chocolate has an ever-increasing fan base.


The Taste: A concentration of sweetness, pleasant and creamy flavours, leaving a delightful sensation of fresh milk on the palate.


Gluten Free

Notes of vanilla and fresh milk


Toscano Brown 32%

Amedei milk brown chocolate has an unusual and delicate aroma and is slightly salty with hints of honey and white flowers. This

1 kg bar of traditional milk Amedei chocolate is ideal for any chefs or the catering trade. Perfect every time!


The taste: a surprising snap for milk chocolate, pleasant fresh creamy flavour, well balanced with a wafer sensation, honeyed but not sweet. Makes you want to taste it again.


Gluten Free & Vegan

Origin Madagascar, Ghana, Venezuela

Notes of cream, butter and white flowers


Pidy Tart Cases

I use the tart cases from Pidy, that are manufacturered in France and Belgium and are amazing. When I am caterting for many people I will use the tart cases for consistency and quality. The new ranges from Pidy incorporate, vegan and gluten free along with the general vanilla and neutral. Many of the cases come in multiple sizes to use for canapes, afternoon tea and desserts.

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